Welcome to Costessey Junior School

Adult Learning

Here at Costessey Junior school we understand how important it is to work with parents and carer’s to support in children’s learning.  However, many of us haven’t been to school for a long time and methods in the classroom have changed quite a lot since then!  You told us that you want to help with  the homework but often don’t recognise or understand the methods and ways the children are now being taught.

In response we have begun adult learning classes.  These go over the methods for teaching the 4 calculations in numeracy, addition, subtraction, division and multiplication and explore ways you can support your child at home.  We look at the different texts children read and learn about in literacy and explore ways you can extend their learning at home.  We also offer sessions in our 5R learner values, discussing the language of learning and how this can be promoted at home too.

In the summer term we will also be offering ICT sessions, giving you the chance to learn about some of the software the children use in school, both on the ipads and in our school ICT suite.

If you are interested in any of these courses please contact the school office for more information.

Alternatively you can download our handy guides to keep at home!

LiteracyGuide      NumeracyGuide