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Year 6 Green Britain Centre January 2018

Year 6 The Green Britain Centre January 2018

The Green Britain Centre teaches both adults and children all about renewable energy, the future of transport and how small choices can make a big difference.

The children learnt all about sustainable wind power. They built their own turbines and tested them to see how much electricity they generated. The children had the amazing opportunity to climb the wind turbine and experience the sights from the viewing platform. It is the only working turbine that is open to the public in the whole world and it’s a cool 300 steps to the top! As you can see the Great British weather arrived right on cue to make the event even more memorable! Oh how we love the rain! The children also went on an eco-trail where they toured the organic gardens and the wildlife area. They learnt all about composting and the importance of recycling.

What one small change could you make that would make a big difference to our planet? 



Year 4 Africa Alive 2017

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Year 4 Africa Alive October 2017

All of the classes went to the Discovery Centre. The children got to hold a tortoise, a millipede, a snake and some children even held a rather wriggly mouse! They also compared the skulls of a lion and a sheep to see how the two animals have adapted. The children got to explore the park and see all of the animals in their enclosures. They also got to go on the train! The lions had their best poses on that day and so did we!