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Year 5 Harry Potter Trip 2017

Romans and Celts

Romans and Celts

In the Autumn term Year 5 will be learning all about the differences between the Celts and the Romans and learn how their paths crossed.  They will use historical sources to describe Boudicca, producing  a timeline of Boudicca’s revolt.  In Science the children will be extending their knowledge of forces and how things move, speed up and slow down.  In their Art lessons the children will be making thier own catapults, the will learn about pulleys, levers and other related mechanisms to achieve this.




If you would like to find out more over the holidays then why not go to the History’s Heroes website, read all about Boudicca and decide for yourself if she was a hero.


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Learn with your Child Lessons

This week, Tuesday 5th July, was the turn of Mr Matthew’s maths class to learn with their adults.  We had a very wet time, estimating and measuring the capacity of different containers.  Thank you to all those who came along and thank you to Mr Matthews for letting us join your class.

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Our Coasts


During the last half term this year the children in year 5 are learning all about our island’s coasts.  They will get the chance to take a trip to Brancaster to study the coastline and learn about how it was formed and how it changes over time.  The children will get to create coastal wall hangings in art, inspired by the story of Kenzuki’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo.  In science the children will further their learning on life cycles through studying coastal animals.

Brancaster_Outlet_North_View_with_Wind_Farm OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

You too can visit Brancaster, for more information go to the National Trust website.

Lynn Carter from the Co-Op

On 14th April year 5 were lucky enough to have a visitor from the Co-Op to discuss with us how chocolate is manufactured and what local chocolate can be brought from the Co-Op. The session was very informative and engaging for the children too – they got to taste a little bit of Cadbury’s chocolate and compare this to some local handmade chocolate as well as smell cocoa butter and see actual cocoa beans!

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