Welcome to Costessey Junior School


We are very happy to share with you the fantastic staff we have at Costessey Junior School.

Management Team

Mrs Lawson  Principal

Mrs Land  Vice Principal

Ms Laband Assistant Headteacher for Curriculum

Mrs Hall Assistant Headteacher for Personal Development and SENCO

Mr Serryus Assistant Headteacher for Teaching and Learning

Mr Land Assistant Headteacher for Outcomes of Pupils

Administrative Team

Mrs Girdlestone
Business Manager

Mrs Blanch Secretary

Mrs Magin       Administrative Team

Mrs Waller    Administrative Team

Mrs Artherton Administrative Team

Pastoral Team

Mrs Butcher                Head of Pastoral Care

Mrs Daynes

Mrs Williamson

Albi School Dog

 Year 3 Team

Miss Zulkifly 3Z Teacher

Mrs Fisher 3F Teacher

Miss Street   3S Teacher

Mrs Notley  3Z Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hunter 3F Teaching Assistant

Mrs McVeigh 3S Teaching Assistant

Year 4 Team


Mrs Hutcheon 4SH Teacher

Mrs Wallis                 4W Teacher

Miss Middleton            4M Teacher

Mrs Shulver            4SH Teacher

Mrs Thomas                 4W Teaching Assistant

Miss Thacker                 4M Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hawkins               4SH Teaching Assistant

Year 5 Team

            Mrs George              5G Teacher

              Mrs John                   5J Teacher

           Miss Martin              5M Teacher

           Miss Sandell                    5G Teaching Assistant

          Miss Harrison                 5J Teaching Assistant

            Miss Harley                   5M Teaching Assistant

Year 6 Team


Miss Rutter   6R Teacher

Mr Mountjoy  6M Teacher

Miss Lewis     6L Teacher

Mrs Prince
6R Teaching Assistant

Mrs Webster
6M Teaching Assistant

            Mrs Loades                     6L Teaching Assistant

                        Additional Teaching Staff

Mr Hill                        HLTA and Sports Instructor

Mrs Anderson
HLTA, Music and Sports Instructor

Mr Goreham Year 5 Team & PE  Support Staff

Miss Smith  Year 5 Team